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We Can Help With Employee Management

One of the main roles of HR is managing current employees. Unlike managers who directly oversee the employees’ day-to-day work, we will address concerns such as benefits, pay, company policies and training.

Among the benefits that might be handled  are insurance plans, paid vacations, leave for illnesses and other health matters, pension plans and employee investments.

We can also address and settle conflicts between employees or between employees and their managers as well as grievances filed against the company by employees.

Additional Employee Services

Employee Exit Plans

A company's HR department also plays a role when an employee leaves the company for any reason. If an employee is terminated or otherwise let go against his or her wishes, certain tasks must be performed by the HR department to ensure that the process was done legally.

Sexual Harassment

Sometimes people make bad decisions and we'll help you to keep a functional and productive workplace by training your employees in sexual harassment prevention.

Conflict Resolution

Do you have employees arguing and fighting with one another? We can help teach them the proper way to handle their workplace conflicts.

Employee Retention

Employee retention refers to the ability of an organization to retain its employees. Employee retention can be represented by a simple statistic. However, many consider employee retention as relating to the efforts by which employers attempt to retain the employees in their workforce and we can help with that.

ADA Training

Does your workplace supervisors need ADA training? Let us know and we'll be sure they get the proper training that they need so that they can become better leaders.

Compliance & More

Our company also has the expertise to make sure you're in compliance with federal and state laws, the Family and Medical Leave Act, and Fair Labor Standards Act.

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